18/19 France Two Star Player Version Soccer Jersey

Jul 16, 2018

                     18/19 France Two Star Player Version Soccer Jersey

Since the World Cup, the France team has been on the world stage almost every four years, and the Azzurri has a long history of glory in international football. They climbed to Europe twice and won a world championship. The France team never showed their talent in the football world.

France  Player Version Soccer Jersey

In the 20th year after adding a star to the team logo, the France team is about to wear a new version of the glory of the jersey, embarking on the journey of Russia.The France Ream Win The World Cup.

Design Details Of The France soccer jersey

France's 2018 jerseys exude a standard France temperament. The phrase "Nos différences nous unissent" (we are united by difference) is printed on the neckline of the jersey, praising the multicultural blend of the France team and the fans. In order to reflect the French national glory, the front collar has a combination of blue, white and red, and the collar of the collar is printed with the French maxim of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité(freedom, equality, fraternity).

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