Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Nov 21, 2017

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi and C Luo who has been a powerful topic of discussion in the fans. About C Lo and Macy who is the most powerful, who is the contemporary "king of the ball" controversy has not stopped, almost C Lo's news will have Messi's discussion, Messi will bring C Lo. This year's European arena, Real Madrid and Barcelona are barely equal shares, Real Madrid took the Champions League, Barcelona monopolized the domestic champion, whether it is C Luo powder or Messi powder, are happy, the dot has not yet formed.

C Lo compared with Massey, C Luo's physical advantage is more obvious, his speed not less than Massey, while the height is higher than Massey, weight also higher than Massey, so some are more dependent on physical fitness C Lo to play things stronger than Messi! But Messi flexible, can easily please the opponent's entanglement. The first is the comparison of personal ability between the two sides, compared with Messi, C Luo's physical advantages even more obvious, his speed is not less than Massey, while the height is higher than Massey, weight and strength than Messi, so Some of the more dependent on physical fitness to play things, such as long-range, header, bottom pass, vigorously free kick COSCO, C Lo stronger than Messi!

For Messi, the physical conditions as C Lo is the fact that in the long shots, header and so on, obviously a gap with C Lo, these are inherent factors, are unchangeable, but Messi in the technical In terms of strength, his breakthrough, no ball movement interspersed, including shots are a lot of Qiao shot, it can be said that he with their own unparalleled technology to counter C Lo's power. Their technical capabilities have their own characteristics, but the overall comparison, should be about the same. Messi and C Luo They are different types of players, a mighty, a smart.

National team, both goals are world cup champion! However, both national teams seem to be decadent, Portugal has almost almost second-rate teams, and Argentina, is also rapidly changing to the second-rate teams, the possibility of becoming the next Uruguay! As for the prospects of the two, I still optimistic about C Lo, although the overall strength of the Argentine team, but their association, very incompetent! Always dominated by decadent people, they never ask foreign teachers, and Argentina native coach, the level is too poor, so the prospects are not good! Portugal, on the other hand, is a democracy that is more democratic than any dictatorship in Argentina. Moreover, Portugal did not win the World Cup, so even if they could not get it in the future, the people would not say anything! But Argentina is different, once Messi can not get the championship, then won the championship before Argentina, their nationals, Shi and Messi pressure is conceivable, under the weight of Messi's national team prospects unknown!

Their personal honor is almost the same, are the world's top! The collective honor, Lionel Messi and World Championship, the results are runner-up, World Cup 8, C Luo, although not the title of champions, but after all, the Olympic Games and other youth team competition, the gold content is too low, no convincing, C Luooujin Race is runner-up, but the same, although the European Championship high gold content, but Messi is an American player, can not participate, so can not come up for comparison! But the most deadly is that C Lo's World Cup is the top four results! This is higher than Massey, and the two sides are compared to the results of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, it can be said before the start of the 10 World Cup, C Lo in the national team honor, is a slight pressure over Massey.

Finally, the prospects for the future development of the two men in the club, I optimistic about the success of C Lo, C Luo and Messi, can not be separated from Barcelona and the two giants strong support club, they played a strong backing role is Not to be ignored! But now, C Lo has dared to escape the shelter of this extended family to Real Madrid as Real strength, start a new challenge, but Messi it? He did not dare to leave Barcelona, left this strong backing, facing everything alone! Therefore, the future development, I optimistic about C Lo, although Messi may get a lot of titles with Barcelona, but compared to the development of personal strength, C Luo is certainly stronger than Messi! Messi and C Luo who formidable This is an eternal topic, more than the same type of player, but they are in the same era, which is to make the happiest fans。

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