Why is football so popular?

May 20, 2019

    There is a single project in the world that can compete with the Olympics. It is undoubtedly football. Every four years of the World Cup attracts countless fans. 350 million people from all over the world participate in the sport, and the audience is 3.5 billion. There are so many, that is to say, there is one of the two people.

     Why does football like so many people? The explanation given by anthropologists is that football is a contemporary tribe. Don't look at the fact that we have walked into civilized society, even created atomic bombs and boarded the moon, but once we get along with football, the tribe's nature will be activated, our behavioral patterns and the primitive people in the tribe tens of thousands of years ago. No difference. A small ball is enough to bring us back to the original shape.

       The body structure of the human body for hunting is born for hunting. This process has lasted for tens of thousands of years, and human farming civilization has only been for thousands of years, so many hunting features still exist. In order to run faster, we have to rely on the hind legs to stand; in order to run farther, we must be good at breathing, so the human chest becomes bigger and thicker; for precise aiming, we have evolved a strong arm and can throw The hands of the weapon, which laid the foundation for the later use of tools by humans. In order to be able to run for a long time, we have lost the hair of the body; in order to fight against the large animals like the lion, we form a tribe together, and the male and female in the tribe cooperate in different divisions, the male is responsible for predation hunting, and the female is responsible for feeding. generation.

       Later, although we ushered in farming civilization, settled in life, and had better protection, the hunting instinct still exists. At the beginning we will build the arena, in order to fight for glory, kill each other. Including the later Mongolia, it still relies on external plunder to gain the glory of the tribe. The arena later evolved into a stadium, and people developed a series of sports to replace hunting. The hunter became an athlete and the prey became a score. It can be said that the original purpose of modern competitive sports is to serve as a substitute for hunting and to satisfy the hunting instinct of human beings.

           So, which of the many sports is closest to hunting? The answer is football. It also meets the four conditions of hunting: confrontation, collaboration, killing, and release.

      Football hunting activities are on the football field. Each athlete is both a hunter and a prey. At the same time, the opponent must be well defensive. In our competitive sports, there is no such positive confrontation in high jump, long jump, archery, javelin, and so on. Secondly, football is like hunting. It needs to cooperate with each other. Players must trust each other and dare to hand over the back to teammates. The last moment of the shot is like a fatal blow to the prey. This kill can't come too easily. It must overcome the heavy resistance first, that is, rely on confrontation and collaboration. Otherwise, the kill is no different from shooting.

           So why is basketball not so popular? Basketball doesn't have such a wide football field and can travel straight in the long run. And basketball needs to be too skillful, such as the strength of the wrist, the strength of the shooting, etc., and the football shooting action can achieve greater release of power.

 Why are there so many football stadiums like the hunting grounds of our tribes that show the nature of our tribes? What can we experience on the football field? The first is loyalty. In modern society, people generally advocate the sense of community, emphasizing that the world is a whole, but in tribal culture, people are only loyal to their own tribes, and they swear to follow, where the tribes go, people follow where to migrate. You see, is this like football? In the football field, fans are only loyal to their club. Every time during the World Cup and other competitions, there will be a group of loyal fans who quit their jobs in order to watch the game. Wherever the team goes, they will follow. These fans have a strict organization, specific clothing and slogans, and have an extremely strong emotional expression: when their team wins, they will celebrate with the same champagne as the players; when the team loses, they will cry and even burn. Jersey.

          On the other hand, football is also exclusive. In ancient times, the conflict between tribes was far more than that of cooperation. Because the survival materials in the past were very limited, and the survival of materials was related to life and death. No one could sympathize with the other and must be shopping. in the end. You might say that sportsmanship and tribal claims are not the opposite? Friendship first, competition second, the founder of the Olympic Games, Coubertin once said that the essence of the game is to participate, as long as you come to participate in the competition is good, win or lose in the second.

        If you think so, you can understand the words of Coubertin. Coubertin’s emphasis on participation means participating in a competition, that is, holding the determination to win and competing for victory, rather than participating in physical exercise. You can't lose, but you have to fight for the final strength before you fall. This is almost the original claim of all competitive sports. In the field of football, the desire for victory is magnified to the extreme, even a little above the rules and morals, we can verify this by people's attitude towards the stars.


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